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We recommend the best picks Automotive dvr camera with popular brands below: Biuone, Vsysto, Yulu, Spade, Z z-edge, Azdome, Blackvue, Do co-sport, Ddpai so that you can save some time and money researching them yourself! Happy shopping!

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  • 【Super Night Vision and Wide Angle】The dash cam front and rear with 6 pcs IR LED and Wide Dynamic Range, the dash cam with night vision offer crystal and clear video or picture quality by day and night thus ensuring to get you the best footage. Wide-angle front (170°) and rear(130°)camera help reduces the blind spots and captures more details.
  • 【UP-GRADE 3" FHD 1296P Dash Cam Front and Rear】This dual dash cam equipped with 1296P resolution front camera and waterproof rear camera, which clearly capture the road front and back. 3" super large IPS display screen can show the real-time image, help you see every details as clear as possible when playing back.
  • 【24 Hours Parking Monitor】This dash cam can protect your property when parking. If someone hits your car and impact reaches the G-Sensor Level, then the dash camera will turn ON and record 30s video, then LOCKS IT & SAVES IT. Please note that this function would not work on if you not use a hardwire kit (not included).
  • [Super Night Vision& Sony Sensor] Wide Dynamic Range Technology (WDR) balances the extreme variations of bright and dark conditions, ensuring high contrast and excellent scene reproduction. The superior Sony sensor boosts low-light settings for improved image quality at night, makes details easily discernible and restore the true colors.
  • [Premium and Sophisticated Features]Loop recording and 256GB memory card enable for efficient storage management. The oldest file will be erased by the newest to make room for the new recording when the SD card approaches to its maximum capacity. Recording time can be up to 40 hours with the 256GB SD card. (Please note the SD card is not included)G-sensor function will lock the videos if the vibrations are detected, which can keep the important recordings from overwritten.
  • [Accessories Included] The extra-long 26 feet USB cable makes it easy to install in your SUV and cable management. When plugged in, the operating temperature at 14°f-158°f. While using the battery power (for the parking monitor), storage temperature at -4°f-158°f. The dual port USB car adapter and the solid suction cup mount are included.
  • ✅【Worry-Free Aftersales】AZDOME offers every customer a fully covered one-year warranty with a full refund within 30 days if needed. They also provide firmware updates and camera accessories support.
  • ✅ 【Advanced Emergency Recording】The built-in G-sensor helps this dashcam lock videos during abnormal collisions, providing powerful evidence in case of an accident or incident.
  • ✅ 【WiFi and AZDOME App】With the AZDOME M17 dash camera, you can easily view, download, and share recorded footage directly from your smartphone using the AZDOME app. The app allows for easy settings changes without any complicated operations.
  • Wi-Fi - Built-in (802.11n (2.4 − 2.4835 GHz)). Viewing Angle - Front Diagonal 139°, Horizontal 116°, Vertical 61°. Rear- Diagonal 139°, Horizontal 116°, Vertical 61°
  • 2 Channel Front and Rear FULL HD Recording
  • High Temperature Cut-off: Approx. 80 °C (176 °F)
  • double lens video recording uninterrupted Continuous Video Recording Automatic Cycle Video Recording exclusive file system lock button makes sure images do not be covered or disappeared at zero hour.
  • lens: front Lens with Ultra wide angle of 140 Degrees; back lens with Ultra wide-angle of 120 Degrees
  • easy to install and use movie playback function favorite movie Formats support GPS module support G sensor sensor: 2 CMOS sensors
  • F1. 8 Aperture--20% more light captured than F2. 0, WDR can eliminate excessively bright sports to correct color balance in order to ensure a clear image
  • 1600P Car Camera with Super Night Vision: Based on Omni Vision 05A10 sensor and 6 Layers glasses Lens to achieve super-sharp 1600p video (1080p*2).
  • Smart Parking mode, Emergency Recording: powered by intelligent hard wire fuse cable kit(not included) that could achieve 24 hours parking mode, also with DDPAI IPS technology to protect the vehicle battery against low-voltage.
  • 【2K 1600P Dash Cam 】Dash cameras capture every detail of the road in crystal-clear clarity at 2K ( [email protected]). F1.8 capture+ 6-glass HD lens offers clear video accident evidence even at night. Best choice for Uber / Taxi / Rideshare or Lyft drivers.
  • 【Discreet Design &No Need SD Card】Exellent discreet design make it sit unnoticed behind your rear vide mirror without blocking the dreiver's sight. Built-in 32G storage make it more easy to use and long lasting, NO SD CARD ERROR problem anymore.
  • 【Snapshot Button & Super Capacitor】Sits on the steering wheel (or place it wherever convenient) and allows you to quickly shoot a 10-seconds short video and pictures with one press of the button. Built-in super capacitor to survive extreme weather conditions from -4°F to 158°F to meet the needs of extremely hot like Arizona, Florida or extremely cold areas Montana, Alaska. Longer life-span than lithium-ion battery dash cams.
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How to purchase the Automotive dvr camera?

Are you feeling overwhelmed and fatigued before purchasing the Automotive dvr camera? Our experts examine hundreds of user evaluations from well-known digital sites, as well as personal experiences with Automotive dvr camera, to help you choose the best solution. You should select a number of famous brands, including Biuone, Vsysto, Yulu, Spade, Z z-edge, Azdome, Blackvue, Do co-sport, Ddpai. Let's get started with our guidance now!

24-hour Parked-car Monitoring

We require each camera to record video footage whenever the vehicle is moving, whether it’s parked or driving. They must be able to draw power from either a 12V or 24V source (such as a cigarette lighter socket), and they need to plug directly into the vehicle’ s OBD-II diagnostic connector.

GPS Receiver

A GPS system allows a vehicle to track its position, the route traveled, and the velocity of travel. Most modern vehicles come equipped with such a system, and they can often be found as part of a dashboard accessory package. While these systems aren’t capable of providing navigation instructions, they do allow drivers to see exactly where their vehicle is located at any given moment. These devices should not be used to transmit sensitive personal data, however, as they may be subject to hacking attempts.

Effective Mounting System

We looked for mounting solutions that would hold our camera securely yet allow us to move it around freely. In general, we've found suction cups to be the easiest to install and remove. Adhesive pad attachments are generally larger and more cumbersome, but they're also quite secure once installed. Most manufacturers offer both kinds of mounting solution, so you should be able to find what you need.

Sufficient Field Of View

We wanted our models to be able to cover a wide variety of angles so they could capture everything from a small street scene to a busy intersection without distorting things too much.

Multiple Cameras

Some dash cams have two lenses: one for recording video of what’re behind you, and another pointing into the vehicle’s cabin and towards its occupants. Many people don’t need both, though; they’ll usually choose between a front-and-back cam or just a single front-mounted cam.

Easy-to-use Controls

We require each camera to be able to capture images at a width of 140 to 160 degrees without making cars appear too far away from the camera.

Wi-Fi And Smartphone App

We like an interconnected Wi-Fi network because they allow us to see what our vehicle sees. They also give us access to our camera’s videos, so we can watch them later. The best apps also provide a live dashboard that lets us track our vehicle’s location, velocity, and other important information. Like any internet-enabled device, connecting to these networks comes with the risk of being hacked. But it could save you if your recordings get deleted accidentally, or if your SD card gets corrupted or damaged during a crash.

Night Vision

Since car accidents and other incidents can happen at any hour of the morning, afternoon, evening, or nighttime, we required that our test cars' dash cams record footage in both daytime and nighttime conditions.

At Least 1080p Resolution

When choosing between two cameras, we prefer ones with 4K UHD or better resolutions because they tend to capture images that are noticeably sharper than those from lower-resolutions cameras.

Easy-to-read Display

Most dash cams come with a screen that’s between 1 ½ and 3 ½ inch diagonals. A larger screen makes it easier for you to access the camera’s settings and to review footage. Models without a screen require you to either connect a smartphone or tablet to the camera via USB cable or to download an app on your device.

Final Thoughts

Regular consumers feel that if they purchase the Automotive dvr camera from a reputable brand, it will be in excellent shape and endure for many years. However, there is no link between the product's name and its perceived value or longevity.

So, be careful when shopping the Automotive dvr camera. However, we also listed some trustworthy brands: Biuone, Vsysto, Yulu, Spade, Z z-edge, Azdome, Blackvue, Do co-sport, Ddpai for you to consider.


1. Could I Use My Smartphone As A Car Camera?

Yes, but it's far less convenient than using a dedicated vehicle security system. There are traditional vehicle security systems available, but these require the installation of hardware and software which can be cumbersome. A typical vehicle security system may also require the driver to manually attach their smartphone to the vehicle's dash board whenever they enter or exit the vehicle.

2. How Does Recording Work On Car Cameras? Will I Have To Manage Videos Like I Do On My TV’s DVR?

Most cars today come equipped with built-in dashcams. These devices typically offer two main functions: automatic uploads to the cloud, and manual management of recorded videos. With automatic uploads, these dashcams will automatically send footage to your smartphone or computer via Wi-Fi whenever new footage is taken. Some models also provide alerts about potential collisions, traffic violations, and other events. However, if you wish to manually manage your dashboard cam videos, you can do so. In most instances, this is not necessary, though, because most vehicles come with preinstalled dashcam software.

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