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  • 【Loop recording & Gravity Sensor】The A2 Pro dash cam will automatically overwrite the oldest videos with the latest videos when the insert memory disk reaches its max storage to achieve seamless loop recording; for the videos when the G-Sensor is triggered (most unusual collisions will trigger the built-in 3 axis gravity sensor), they become unable to be deleted, save them as evidence in case you need.
  • 【Super Night Vision & Compact Size】With the Combination of hardwire (SONY sensor+6 Glass Lens) & software (Wide Dynamic Range Technology), the M2 car camera performs well in color precision and clarity whether day or night. Thanks to the discreet size, it won’t shade your sight whilst driving, the simplified wiring design and the wiring tool that came with the package make it easy to install in your car.
  • 【Dash Camera for Cars with WiFi & App Control】Using our free Android/iOS app, you can easily connect to our A2 Pro dash camera for cars, you can instantly view the live time video from the front and rear side of your car, and adjust the settings of the A2 Pro car camera. Furthermore, you can download the albums from the app, edit them, and share them on your social media. You can operate the dashcam on your cellphone with a few simple taps.
  • 【Reliable Witness for Accident】With 64G TF card provided, dash cam won't lose any crucial evidence with loop recording function, max up to 512GB (Must formate the SD card before first-time use); G-sensor auto detect a collision and lock the file to prevent that from an overwrite; 24Hrs parking mode require hardwire kit (Asin:B0BL6YMCN9, NOT included); Super capacitor (without battery):-4° to 158°F, the working temperature is -20℃ to 70℃, so it is normal for your camera to run slightly hot.
  • 【Built-in 5G WiFi, GPS & App Control】The dash cam has built-in Dual-Band WiFi (2.4GHz & 5.0GHz) for faster transfer speed (not support remotely view live on your phone from home, effective WiFi signal range is about 25ft). Free app "Kacam", allowing you to easily control the dash cam, view, download (Support Apple & Android), or share videos. Internal GPS records your driving route and speed. Note: cannot be used as GPS navigation.(GPS Player download please contact us by your Amazon order)
  • 【Warranty & Support】Dash cam front and rear must be powered by cigarette lighter port, so it comes with wires(must ALWAYS connect with power when using). Note: Wi-Fi doesn't mean wireless, only for connection between your phone with dash camera when you need to view videos by phone. The dash cam comes with a full 12 months warranty, if you have any question regarding your product, please do not hesitate to contact us via Amazon, after-sale service is 7/24 on standby.
  • 🚕【Built-in Wi-Fi & APP Control】- This dash camera comes with the "Jarviscam" APP for Android or iOS smartphones to get a live stream, download videos, change settings, edit, and share your footage simply. With the tap of a finger, allowing you to share bits and pieces of any journey with all of your friends on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, or the other social media platform.
  • 🚕【24 Hours Parking Monitoring】- Connect the car camera to the hardwire kit (NOT INCLUDED) to realize the Time-lapse function, which can ensure the integrity of recorded content, save memory space, and help the car dash cam achieve a 24H monitoring function.
  • 🏆【Real Ultra 4K dash cam front and rear camera】- This dashcam simultaneously captures the road in detail at 2.5K 1440P front and 1080P rear resolution, and the single dash cam front (Unplugging the rear camera is required) can work at 4K Ultra HD 2160P/30fps. With a 170° wide angle lens, F1.8 large aperture, and WDR night vision, clear footage can be captured even in low-light situations to ensure every angle is covered and nothing is missed.
  • WiFi Connection and App Control - You can easily connect the dash cam to your iOS or Android devices via WiFi to access the recorded videos and manage the dash cam conveniently by using our free “Kingslim” App. With the app, you can view and playback the recorded videos and photos, download and edit then one-click to share wonderful moments to social media and your families.
  • Superior Night Vision - Equipped with a high-quality light sensor and large F/1.8 aperture, as well as advanced HDR and WDR technologies, it delivers excellent low-light and back-light performance and captures important details such as license plates and road signs even at deep night. With its advanced night vision capabilities, you can be confident that you will have a comprehensive and reliable recording of your driving experience, day or night.
  • Easy to Use - Hassle-free installation with all the necessary accessories and tools included, quick and simple set up with concise operation indicator, automatic recording starts and stops with engine, records clear audio and driving speed.
  • 🚕【Three Channel Front Inside Rear Dash Cam】The CHENSIVE is a triple channel dash cam that offers a 170° front camera, 120° inside the camera, and 140° rear camera. It can monitor the front, rear, and interior of the vehicle and different screen viewing modes can be selected, providing 1080P video at the same time Wekiodum
  • 🚕【Dash Cam】When the dashboard camera detects a collision, it will automatically turn on and then record a protected video. The collision detection or buffer motion sensor can be triggered by impact or movement if your vehicle crashes while parked, or if someone tries to steal your vehicle. 24-hour recording, this dash cam will provide a 24-hour parking monitor for your car, providing 24-hour recording (requires connection of hardwire kit, soldseparately) Wekiodum
  • 🚕【Car Camera with 32G SD Card】4-inch IPS screen car camera with 32GB SD card (has already been inserted into the dash cam), can work infinitely with a loop recording function. 👉Don't worry that this dash cam will be full of storage space! This driving recorder can simultaneously work with the front camera + the car camera, or the front camera + the rear camera. Provide you with more perspectives Wekiodum
  • 🛍️ 🛍️ About the Battery: all the battery of car dash cam in the market, only support auto turn on and recording a short time for the urgent situation when you parking. Need to plug the dual dash cams charger all the time. Do not use the free USB Cable as the Charger, the cable and the USB card reader only used to connect with your computer and playback the recording file.
  • 🛍️ 【Car Cameras with 32G SD Card】Dash cam front camera 3 Inches IPS Screen car on-dash mounted cameras with 32GB SD card can endless working under Loop Recording function. 👉 No worry about this dash cam front and rear will full of storage! Dash cam front and back combined with So ny sensor, you will get 30fps videos and 12MP pictures with this dashcams for cars front and rear.
  • 🛍️【Plug and Play Front Dashcam for Car】Wired front and rear dash cam, but you will find that you can easily and securely mount the suction cup to your windshield in seconds. This car dash camera's operation is still simple and friendly for new users. If you don't need the Reversing Mode, ther rear camera also can be very easily, just install and hide the wire. 👉 Please note, use the needle to insert the little hole on the " RES" button, can fix the freeze /or other little questions well.
  • 1080P Dash Cam Front and Rear Inside - With a 6-layer block glass lens, the combination of F2.0 wide aperture and WDR/HDR provides a clear lens even in low light situations, such as at night or in tunnels. In-car cameras make night shots brighter, prevent overexposure under bright light, get clear recordings, and preserve the real scene.
  • Car Camera - The included suction mount can be easily installed anywhere on the windshield in seconds, connected to a power source, and the dashboard camera automatically records immediately when the car is started. A 2.0-inch color display can capture more image detail, providing you with wonderful daily video recordings.
  • Car Camera - Dash Cam Front and Rear - Built-in G-sensor function, when the dashcam detects a collision or collision occurs, the sensor will automatically lock the accident footage as evidence (protected files), and the loop function can overwrite the oldest unprotected files when the SD card is nearly full. In order to record the latest video.
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Best car dash cam front and rear is on your shopping list, but how do users know if it will match their requirements?

Best car dash cam front and rear is a commodity that many people in today's culture are likely to obtain. Several factors must be considered before making a purchasing decision. Our Best car dash cam front and rear expertise will surely be the most secure option.

In this reference guide, we will highlight some of the best things on the market right now, as well as respond to frequently asked questions concerning them.

Due to the rise of internet shopping platforms, live chat talks, shopper performance evaluations, and debates in the current information and technology cycle, Webeqer, Chensive, Prilotte, Navycrest, Ombar, Gku, Kingslim, Biuone, Augone are the best and most popular brands in the twenty-first century. 

Continue reading our article to find out the right product for you.

GPS Receiver

A GPS system allows a vehicle to track its position, the route traveled, and the velocity of travel. Most modern vehicles come equipped with such a system, and they can often be found as part of a dashboard accessory package. While these systems aren’t capable of providing navigation instructions, they do allow drivers to see exactly where their vehicle is located at any given moment. These devices should not be used to transmit sensitive personal data, however, as they may be subject to hacking attempts.

Wi-Fi And Smartphone App

We like an interconnected Wi-Fi network because they allow us to see what our vehicle sees. They also give us access to our camera’s videos, so we can watch them later. The best apps also provide a live dashboard that lets us track our vehicle’s location, velocity, and other important information. Like any internet-enabled device, connecting to these networks comes with the risk of being hacked. But it could save you if your recordings get deleted accidentally, or if your SD card gets corrupted or damaged during a crash.

Sufficient Field Of View

We wanted our models to be able to cover a wide variety of angles so they could capture everything from a small street scene to a busy intersection without distorting things too much.

Effective Mounting System

We looked for mounting solutions that would hold our camera securely yet allow us to move it around freely. In general, we've found suction cups to be the easiest to install and remove. Adhesive pad attachments are generally larger and more cumbersome, but they're also quite secure once installed. Most manufacturers offer both kinds of mounting solution, so you should be able to find what you need.

24-hour Parked-car Monitoring

We require each camera to record video footage whenever the vehicle is moving, whether it’s parked or driving. They must be able to draw power from either a 12V or 24V source (such as a cigarette lighter socket), and they need to plug directly into the vehicle’ s OBD-II diagnostic connector.

Easy-to-read Display

Most dash cams come with a screen that’s between 1 ½ and 3 ½ inch diagonals. A larger screen makes it easier for you to access the camera’s settings and to review footage. Models without a screen require you to either connect a smartphone or tablet to the camera via USB cable or to download an app on your device.

Multiple Cameras

Some dash cams have two lenses: one for recording video of what’re behind you, and another pointing into the vehicle’s cabin and towards its occupants. Many people don’t need both, though; they’ll usually choose between a front-and-back cam or just a single front-mounted cam.

Easy-to-use Controls

We require each camera to be able to capture images at a width of 140 to 160 degrees without making cars appear too far away from the camera.

At Least 1080p Resolution

When choosing between two cameras, we prefer ones with 4K UHD or better resolutions because they tend to capture images that are noticeably sharper than those from lower-resolutions cameras.

Night Vision

Since car accidents and other incidents can happen at any hour of the morning, afternoon, evening, or nighttime, we required that our test cars' dash cams record footage in both daytime and nighttime conditions.


Finally, we have produced a list of Best car dash cam front and rear that is associated with well-known companies, such as Webeqer, Chensive, Prilotte, Navycrest, Ombar, Gku, Kingslim, Biuone, Augone. They are among the most spectacular and prominent firms on the market. Best car dash cam front and rear will be improved as work progresses. Browse our websites regularly to stay up to speed on the latest news.


1. Could I Use My Smartphone As A Car Camera?

Yes, but it's far less convenient than using a dedicated vehicle security system. There are traditional vehicle security systems available, but these require the installation of hardware and software which can be cumbersome. A typical vehicle security system may also require the driver to manually attach their smartphone to the vehicle's dash board whenever they enter or exit the vehicle.

2. How Does Recording Work On Car Cameras? Will I Have To Manage Videos Like I Do On My TV’s DVR?

Most cars today come equipped with built-in dashcams. These devices typically offer two main functions: automatic uploads to the cloud, and manual management of recorded videos. With automatic uploads, these dashcams will automatically send footage to your smartphone or computer via Wi-Fi whenever new footage is taken. Some models also provide alerts about potential collisions, traffic violations, and other events. However, if you wish to manually manage your dashboard cam videos, you can do so. In most instances, this is not necessary, though, because most vehicles come with preinstalled dashcam software.

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