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  • FUNCTION: An easy-to-use buffing station designed for a variety of buffing and polishing projects
  • FEATURES: Dual end wheels for simultaneous polishing, a convenient off/on switch and extra long ball bearing supported machine shafts
  • HEAVY DUTY BUILD: This benchtop buffer polisher was made with a cast iron base providing a weighted and stabilized platform for reduced vibration, while also eliminating potential damage often caused by vibrational buffering
  • ⚙【Convenient and Efficient】Buffer polisher is equipped with an 8-inch buffing wheel and the extended connecting rod makes it more convenient and better to observe when we polish the items, which guarantees the efficiency and quality of our work. Years of experience of professional designers and quality factory design out of this more suitable for users of the product.
  • 💁【2-Year Warranty and Service】Woodskil provides a 2-year warranty service, if you encounter any problems during use, please contact us, we will solve them for you within 12 hours.
  • 🛠【Powerful Working Performance】Buffer polisher is equipped with a 4.8A 550W 3/4HP powerful low noise brushless induction motor, which runs at a speed of 3600RPM, and has a powerful heat dissipation function to make polishing machine work efficiently, reduce noise, prolong product life.
  • 8" Buffer Benchtop: The bench buffer polisher with 8 inch O.D. cotton wheels is focused on showing the original smooth surface of your pieces such as jewelry, plastic, watches, etc. Compared with manual work, the machine can significantly improve your efficiency.
  • Secure & Easy Installation: This 8 inch benchtop buffer grinder is compact, lightweight, and easy to carry everywhere. The machine adopts a dynamic balance adjustment mechanism, which can automatically keep balance. Two sides end have threats with a jam nut that ensures wheels' more stable working.
  • Durable Iron Construction: This buffing machine is made with an iron base and produces minimal vibrations. Four rubber feet underneath the bench buffer keep the device in place on a table for light use, easily fitted on any workbench.
  • 【PREMINUM QUALITY】This is a machine that will give your product edge the perfect quality. And the operation is very simple.It not only saves you a lot of time, but also gives your product a professional look and can use it anytime, anywhere. First use a sanding sleeves to scrape and shape the edges of your product, then use a hardwood burnishing wheel to smooth them.
  • 【SAFETY USE】Used a sanding sleeves to scrape and shape the edges of your product, then use a hardwood burnishing wheel to smooth them
  • 【HIGH EFFICIENCY】The two leather polishing wheels that can perform their job perfectly. This machine is suitable for all vegetable tanned leather products.
  • NO WOOBLE, NO VIBRATION -- Comes with accurate 8mm/0.3'' spindle, no wobble or run-out. The base of the bench buffer has four rubber taps which work to keep it from walking around on your workbench, or it can also be nailed into your workbench.
  • TAKE UP LITTLE BENCH SPACE -- The small size that can be lifted by one hand, makes it very portable, great for when you have very limited workspace and have to move tools on/off the bench a lot. Small and compact, convenient for your quick jobs, also at the same time, won't make your workbench messy.
  • WARRANTY & ATTENTION -- Please distinguish the left and right spindles to ensure the wheels can work. We provide one year warranty and anytime online technical guidance. If you have any questions, we are always be there for you.
  • DESIGNED FOR DIFFERENT USE--Cloth wheel is used for polishing jewelry or metal. Grinding wheel is for wooden. Drill chuck and flexible shaft can let you work in the inside and tight areas of your work parts, or engraving, or drilling.
  • WARRANTY & ATTENTION -- Please distinguish the left and right spindles to ensure the wheels can work. We provide one year warranty and anytime online technical guidance. If you have any questions, we are always be there for you.
  • 800-10000RPM ADJUSTABLE SPEED -- The powerful 320W motor allows the polishing machine to freely adjust the speed between 800-10000rpm, don't get hot or shake. It has more than enough power to handle your polishing tasks
  • POWERFUL BUT LOW NOISE - 320W is different from 200W, almost 1/2HP, more powerful motor and less chance of stalling. Don't worry, our bench polisher grinder machine won't get hot and noise during operation, just a simple hum. It's powerful and perfect for small to medium pieces!
  • ADJUSTABLE SPEED - Buffer polisher has a powerful motor that starts up in 0.1 seconds. The variable speed dial lets you adjust the buffing wheel speed to any rpm between 1750 and 10000(without any accessories). Different speeds to deal with different materials.
  • MORE COMPACT THAN YOU THINK- Only take up about 0.01m³ of space, sits on your work bench but not interfere with your other work. It is fast and convenient for your daily and quick jobs.
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There are numerous other functions to consider when choosing a polisher, including whether it includes brightening pads, also called polishing hood, and if it's suitable for your purposes, i.e. whether it has various kinds of polishing bonnets for application of wax, and a foam cushion is best for the last stage of your polish job to really bring out the shine. For removing scratches, a foam cushion or another type of soft cushion won't suffice and you'd need something a bit rougher, such as a sheepskin cushion, instead.


A high-powered electric sander could help prevent customer exhaustion and also do the task faster however consumers regularly discover that even a lower wattage electric sander can create an extended and also longer lasting finish and also really draw out the paint project. Variable velocity control is additionally helpful for conserving power and extending the tool's lifespan.


As the number of revolutions per minute increases, so does the level of force needed to create the scratch. However, high levels of force mean greater heat, which could cause damage to your car. A safe range is between 2,000 to 4,500 rpm.


The more powerful your car battery is, the heavier it is. This causes increased load. Remember that you're going to require this load, move about, and lift it higher. An enormous barrier may be also heavy to carry for the whole period it takes to charge your vehicle.

Spin Style

As mentioned earlier, there are two primary types of spinner – rotary and orbital. While both can produce great results, they each have their own advantages and disadvantages. A rotary spinner (also known as a ‘hand’s eye’ design) spins around a central point, allowing the user to see how many lines they can create before needing to reload the template. An orbital spinner (also referred to as a ‘full circle’ design), however, works by spinning the entire wheel around a single point. Both types of spinner require a special plugin to work.


The number one thing to think about is price. The greater the cost (OPM), the far better the polishing tool can handle deep scratches and also remove wax. It will certainly also aid with buffing off wax that could normally be challenging to get rid of on a slower device. However, an expensive device is most likely to warm up quickly as well as cause additional friction. You should take care at high rates to avoid damaging your vehicle's clearcoat.

We recommend using a slow start function, which helps control the speed at which your machines launch and slows them down if they begin flying too fast. This function reduces damage to your machines and stops them from throwing product everywhere.


We allow customers who love our product warranty. It says that a company guarantees its products if any type of unexpected troubles arise. So try to locate a car barricade that includes at least one year guarantee.


Using a car and truck barrier may be an uncomfortable and awkward job if you get the incorrect one. It could actually tire your shoulders, neck, and back again after just a few minutes if the barrier is also heavy, also large, or doesn't fit comfortably in your hands. Also, if you operate often on tall automobiles, acquiring a strong, but light-weight car and truck barrier is going to be essential to saving you money at the chiropractor.


Most sizes of polishing machines range between one and ten inches, with larger ones able to coat more surface area than smaller ones. However, smaller polishers aren't necessarily bad for reaching hard-to-get spots.


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1. Can Buffing Damage Car Paint?

It's safe to rub a car's exterior surface with sandpaper. However, you need to be gentle when using the sandpaper and hold the paper firmly against the car's surface for no longer than 5 minutes. Holding the paper in one location for too long may damage the car's finish.

2. Should I Buff Or Polish My Car?

You should wash your vehicle at least once every year, followed by applying a protective coating. Before doing so, however, use a clay bar to ensure that no dirt particles will be left behind after washing. If your car is located in an unsanitary place or near the sea, you might consider buffing your car several times per year using a light polish.

3. What Is The Difference Between Buffing And Polishing A Car?

A buffing is a cleaning or polisher used to restore the appearance of a vehicle's paintwork.

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