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  • Fits 2002-2018, 2019-21 Classic Dodge Ram 1500, 2003-21 2500/3500 6' 4" Bed (78")
  • WE’VE GOT YOUR BAK | The MX4 truck bed cover is rated up to 400 lbs of evenly distributed weight and is easy to install. This hard fold has a 5-year, hassle-free warranty, with a US-based support team
  • ULTIMATE SECURITY | The BAKFlip MX4 tonneau cover has durable aluminum panels that automatically latch as the cover is partially or fully closed, and is fully locked once your tailgate is closed
  • Fitment: Fit 2019 2020 2021 2022 2023 Ram 1500 5'7"(67.4") Short Bed New Body Only (NOT For Classic Body, Track System, Roll Bar & Multifunction Tailgate). Xcover is Low Profile and sit inside of truck bed, full stake pockets available to be used with the cover on. If you need Classic Body, please search ASIN: B07V32JBS9.
  • 5 Years Warranty: Against defects in materials and workmanship under its intended use, Please be assured to use our tonneau cover. Any bolts or mounting hardware need the replacement, any questions, please contact our customer service.WARNING: Always make sure the clamps and bolts are tightened before driving, never drive with a cover in partially opened position.
  • Durable & Easy Installation: Solid Core Hard Panels can be rated up to 500lbs of evenly distributed weight.Please see the video on the left for installation , it is completely assembled for easy No-Drilling installation in minutes. ATTENTION: Make sure the Flat Washer and Spring Washer are all placed on bolt before screw the plastic nut on. TIGHTEN ALL BOLTS & NUTS BEFORE DRIVING!
  • INSTALLATION - Easy no drilling installation with instruction and mounting hardware provided. | NOTE: Small holes will need to be cut in the bedliner for vehicles equipped with over-the-bedrail bedliner to secure the clamps for proper cover installation; cover will work with under-the-bedrail bedliner without modification.
  • FEATURES - Pre-assembled horizontal crossbars offer support and conveniently fold up with the cover providing full bed access when needed.
  • Fitment: Fit 2019 2020 2021 2022 2023 Chevrolet Silverado /GMC Sierra 1500 5.8'/69.9" Bed. Xcover is Low Profile and sit inside of truck bed, full stake pockets available to be used with the cover on.
  • Unique Clamping System & Theft Protection: Patent pending rail and latch design, Xcover latch allows for one-finger release to open and locks automatically when you close the cover. Hard Panel is scratch resistant and provides maximum theft protection.
  • Well Protect Your Cargos: Xcover Low profile Hard Tri-fold tonnneau cover is designed to perform in the most extreme conditions,premium UV resistant and cold resistant, no matter snowy, rainy, windy or sunny, your cargos on the bed will be well protected from moisture and dirt.
  • 【MORE STURDY】OEDRO’s quad-fold bed cover has four built-in horizontal crossbars offering support when fully unfolded the cover and saving more space when folded up.
  • 【AWESOME SERVICE】 Please measure your truck bed size or contact us before buying. While we do accept returns, the buyer may be responsible for the return shipping fee if the wrong order is placed. Should any inquiries arise, feel free to contact us directly.
  • 【HEAVY DUTY MATERIAL】 Composed of double layer PVC, OEDRO’s tonneau cover has been thoroughly tested for UV protection and superior tensile properties. Pre-assembled powder coated rails and aluminum clamps are included for trouble-free installation and formidable stability.
  • Features: Cover can be washed with soap and water, Keeps your equipment inside your bed dry, Waterproof, Cover can be removed quickly.
  • Please measure your truck bed length and make sure you have the correct model before ordering!
  • High Quality with 3 Mounting Point: Quad Fold Truck bed is made by double sided tear-resistant vinyl with 3 heavy duty aluminum powder coated frames. It has 4 horizontal crossbars to avoid air lifting issue.
  • EASY INSTALLATION | Easy to install with included clamps.
  • Fits 2009 - 2023 Dodge Ram 1500 6' 4" Bed Without Ram Box (76.3)
  • SECURITY | The Toptiny hard fold is fully locked once your tailgate is closed
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Before shopping for the truck bed cover, there are several things you need to think about.

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Tractor truck cover designs can be made from different types of material, including canvas, vinyl, lightweight aluminum, and fiberglass. Whatever kind of cover you buy, it needs to be sturdy, and the item itself needs to be waterproof.

Weather Sealing

One area that some trucks excel in is weather resistance. This means keeping the inside parts dry and clean. Beyond the covering itself, the covering should keep the edges and seams sealed so that water doesn’t enter through them. Some trucks have weather strips along the side walls that help prevent rainwater from entering the cab. Others have drainage systems that attempt drain water away from the bed and floor. A few high-quality trucks even have ventilation systems that attempt to remove moisture from the air.

Easy Bed Access

You may not have to sacrifice your ability to quickly gain entry into the back of your pickup truck if you pick out a good tonneau system. In addition, you should also ensure that you select a tonneau system that allows you to get inside the back of your truck without any difficulty. A folding or retractable tonneau system is probably the easiest to operate, as you can simply lift them up or pull them down in a matter of seconds. With hard tonneau systems, you might find yourself having to lift the whole thing up before you can get inside. Make sure that you pick out a tonneau system that you can easily move around so that you can get inside your truck whenever you need to.


Trucks come in various sizes, shapes, and styles, so they can vary greatly in how much cargo room they offer. Most trucks also include a tonneau covering, which is essentially a roofed compartment that extends across the entire length of the back end of the vehicle. Tonneaus are useful for storing items such as skis, snowboards, bicycles, kayaks, and other sports equipment. They're also great for keeping your gear dry during rainy weather. In addition, they provide protection against theft, since thieves rarely target vehicles with tonneaus installed.

Weather Sealing

One area that some trucks excel in is being able to keep the outside environment out. This includes keeping the inside of the truck dry and preventing any moisture from entering the cab. Beyond just the covers themselves, they also need to seal off the edges and sides of the truck beds where rain and snow can enter through the tiny gaps between the side panels and the body of the truck. Some covers sit on top of the railings, while some utilize rubber seals to prevent any air pockets from forming around the edges of the truck. Some even include drainage systems that attempt to channel excess rain and snow away from the truck.

Retracting Mechanism

Unless the vehicle’s cargo box lid has a single piece design that opens up on one side, it is most likely going to have some sort of way to open it up. lids usually have a folding frame with two separate pieces, while more expensive ones may use a sliding or rolling mechanism, with soft fabrics or metal sections, or individual parts that just slide into some guiding rails on the sides.

Material Treatment

Beyond the decision between a hardcover or paperback, the sort of substance utilized for the surface can influence the general sturdiness and life span of the book. Hard covers are made of steel, plastic, or wood, whereas paperbacks may be composed of cardboard, polyester, or cloth. Regardless of the kind of covering, both sides must be protected against the weather and scratches.


There are lots of different types of car bed liners available in a wide variety of sizes to suit any type of car. But if you know the dimensions of your car bed, then you must choose one which matches them. Some car bed liners are made from materials designed for specific models, so be sure to check this out before buying.


There are different types of truck bed covers available, but they all offer varying degrees of protection. For a little extra protection, you might need to shop for something appropriate.

Straightforward breeze provides the least level of safety and security. You can get an easy out-of-the-way covering, however you'll probably should purchase a lockable tailgate to ensure plenty of security beneath. The following step up would be something similar to a soft folding cover, yet you'd almost certainly demand a locked tailgate to make sure sufficient security under.

Solid-impact coverings are safer than retractable ones because they're harder to break into. They can be locked shut using a latch mechanism, and they can even be secured by crossing the end of the tail gate.

Security Lock

Tonneau covers should not only protect your cargo, they should also make it easy to access. They shouldn't require any tools or special knowledge to install or remove. In addition, they should provide an effective seal against rain, snow, dust, dirt, and insects. To do so, they must stay securely in position while providing full visibility through the opening. Some tonneau covers include a locking mechanism that allows you to secure them in position when the tail gate is down. Others feature a latch that requires no additional effort to keep them in position. Either option offers a basic level of protection, but dedicated latches may allow you to open the tail gate without having to mess around with the tonneau cover. Tail gates are generally easier to unlock and typically integrate into a vehicle's existing alarm systems.


We hope the shopping advice above will help you locate the right products for your requirements. When buying, remember to check out quality brands like Bak, X xcover, Tyger auto, Oedro, Mostplus, Toptiny.


1. Is One Type Of Cover More Waterproof Than Others?

All vehicle bedspreads are waterproof to some degree. However, the best way to waterproof a vehicle bedcover is by using a retractable cover. Snap-based designs provide the least waterproofing abilities, while retractable covers provide the greatest.

2. Will My Truck Be More Fuel Efficient With A Bed Cover?

That depends on what you mean by "cover". A lot of people think that putting a cover on top of an engine block will help reduce air resistance and thus improve fuel economy. But in reality, it doesn't work out that way. In fact, it can cause things to go the opposite direction. Putting a cover on top of the engine block increases the surface area of the engine, which causes heat to build up faster. Heat builds up inside the engine, causing the oil to break down quicker and creating more wear on the engine. Also, if you put a cover on top of your engine, you'll have to remove it every once in awhile to get underneath it. Removing the cover also allows hot exhaust gases to escape through the open space. So, in short, no matter how

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