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We review each Code scanner obd2 thoroughly and rate it according to its performance in real-life situations. It goes through rigorous real-world tests to ensure that it works well for most people.

To help us narrow it down, let's look at some products with popular brands below: Foxwell, Innova, Humzor, Blcktec, Bc bosscomm, Tt topdon, Konnwei for you. We believe these are worth considering.

Lauren Asher By, Lauren Asher
  • EXPERIENCE PROFESSIONAL DIAGNOSTICS - BLCKTEC's enhanced vehicle diagnostics gives you access to advanced features typically found only on high-end scanners. With our car code reader you can read and clear engine codes, ABS (brakes), SRS (airbags), TPMS codes, and many more.
  • SIMPLIFYING CAR REPAIR - Our goal is to simplify your car repair process. Our device turns your smartphone into a powerful OBD2 scanner diagnostic tool, allowing you to quickly understand your vehicle's problem, view recommended fixes, and purchase the necessary parts for repair.
  • RELIABLE AND ACCURATE RESULTS - Our car scanner utilizes the latest OBD2 technology to provide accurate and reliable diagnostic information, ensuring that you can trust the results you receive.
  • 【100% Satisfaction Permanent Service】This original BC IF745 OBD2 scanner diagnostic tool is supported by BossComm official after-sales service. Free Lifetime WIFI Upgrade, 2 Year Warranty, 30 Days Return & Exchange, 24/7 Thoughtful Customer Support. BossComm's primary goal is to produce better diagnostic scanner. Your 100% satisfaction is our primary responsibility!
  • 【OE-Level All System Diagnosis Scanner】 The BC IF745 one of the Most Cost-Effective All System automotive scanner diagnostic tool for all vehicles. It has the same diagnostic capabilities as the expensive $350+ car diagnostic scanner on the market. OBD2 scanner provide OE level full system diagnosis, including: Engine, Transmission, Airbag, ESP, TPMS, Gateway, Steering, Radio, etc,. To pinpoint problems by reading codes, clearing fault codes, freezing frames, reading real-time data.
  • 【 Auto VIN Scan+ Wide Compatibility】Support Auto VIN & Auto Scan technology. Cars scanner can quickly scan the vehicle identification number. The BC IF745 odb2 scanner help you shorten diagnosis time and solve problems accurately. Now available for 90+ car makes, 10,000+ models (And continuously updated), including full OBD2 testing for any emissions-related issues on most 1996 and newer 12V cars, SUVs, light trucks/hybrids. All OBD2 test modes for OBD2, EOBD, JOBD, CAN 1996 and newer cars.
  • 【All Systems Diagnosis】Our ALL Module Network Scan Function performs a comprehensive scan of all supported systems within your vehicle. This includes the main system of Engine, ABS (Brake), SRS (Airbag), Transmission, Door Module, Audio Control, Air Conditioning Control, PCM (Powertrain Control), and more.
  • 【Warm Tip】Your Innova's screen is with a tightly-fitting screen protector. If any scratches are found, just tear off the screen protector from the upper left or upper right corner. :)
  • 【Battery & Charging System Test】 The innova 6200P code reader can check to see whether your battery and alternator are in good condition or need replacing, this innova 6200P diagnostic tool is designed to work on all OBD2 compliant vehicles, all 1996 and newer vehicles (cars, light trucks and SUVs) sold in the United States are OBD2 compliant.
  • 【3 HOP Reset Services 】Easy to set up 3 regular reset services for Oil Light, Battery Management System, and Steering Angle Position. With this obd2 scanner, you can reset the oil service light and reset pre-programmed mileage intervals for energy efficiency; adjust or reset the steering angle position to keep steering aligned; and clear the original low battery fault information. No need to leave home for shop-quality car maintenance.
  • 【Worry-Free Purchase & Lifetime Free Update 】 AL600 OBD2 Car Scanner offer lifetime free update,1-year warranty, 30-day unconditional return & replacement policy. For any issues, email us : support @ topdon . com. 📞 Can also call us directly: US phone service 👉833- 956-8335👈 Monday-Friday 9:00AM-6PM Eastern Time. Multilingual Menu: EN, FR, ES, DE, IT, RU, PT, and JP. NOTE: Only support upgrade on windows.
  • 【All OBD2 Test Modes 】 This ABS & SRS scan tool is also a full featured obd2 code reader, allowing a quick test of the engine system of OBD II vehicles, can Read/Clear engine light codes, Live Data, Freeze Frame, Retrieving I/M Readiness Status, O2 Monitor Test, On-Board Monitor Test, Evap Test, Read Vehicle Information, and help pass smog test for most post-1996 OBD2/CAN vehicles.
  • 🎀【Free Register&Update Help】+【Reliable 2 Year Seller Warranty】✅Cannot download additional APPs & Cannot sign into Google✅When registering, it prompts "the serial number unrelated order", please ask tech support from us to solve it📩[email protected]✅How to change the language? Click Settings--Language--Choose language✅ This original foxwell scanner is backed up by FOXWELL official after-sale services with 2-year warranty, 30-days return & replacement policy, and 24/7 support
  • 🍁【Advanced Software&Hardware】+【One-click WIFI Lifetime Free Update】As the updated version of NT624E/NT604E, this foxwell nt726 diagnostic scan tool comes with✅One-click WIFI update✅No annual subscription✅Android 9.0 Smooth operating system✅ Bigger and legible 5.5" touchscreen✅ Stable performance 32 GB memory and 4-core processor. It can help you output accurate data and pinpoint car issues faster. Indeed, this foxwell scanner can save you thousands of repair fee from dealership every year
  • 🍀【Powerful All System Scan Tool】+【Support FCA AutoAuth After 2018】This scanner for cars NT726 can figured out car issue directly, read&clear fault codes, turn the warning light off, read bunches of live sensor data on all available control modules like ABS, SRS, Transmission, Suspension,SAS, EPB, 4WD... before the trip to repair shop🔥The vehicle code reader also support FCA AutoAuth after 2018 FCA vehicles(fit for Chrysler/JEEP/Dodge/Fiat/etc)🚩Note: NEED A 12+8 adapter.
  • 【ENHANCED 11 OBDII FUNCTION MODES】read &clear codes, live data stream in text including volts, rpm, temperature, speed values, etc. One-click read I/M readiness to pass smog check, perform EVAP Test, O2 test, vehicle information, etc. Helps you to turn off the check engine light and get ready for the annual smog check, save you time and money.
  • 【PURE USER EXPERIENCE】 Enhanced Bluetooth 5.2 version perfectly compatible with iPhone, Android & Windows systems, no complicated steps, no need annoying user registration, no extra subscription fees, obd2 scanner diagnostic tool and professional car full system scan all free, connect and diagnosis, the most powerful and easiest use app so far.
  • 【PROFESSIONAL CAR FULL SYSTEM DIAGNOSIS】KDIAG enhanced vehicle diagnostics not only gives access to information normally available only to mechanics on their OBD2 scan tools, but also can read and clear ABS, Airbag, SRS, TPMS codes, and many more. NOTE: full system check covers most US car brands and our engineers are still developing more vehicle brands which will be added with the app upgrade from time to time.
  • 🥑【5 in 1 Diagnostic Scanner】Compared with those auto scanners (50-100 USD), NT604 Elite code scanner not only includes their OBDII diagnosis but also it can be an abs/srs scanner, transmission and check engine code reader. When it’s an odb2 scanner, you can use it to check if your car is ready for annual test through I/M readiness menu. In addition, live data stream, built-in DTC library, data play back and print, all these features are a big plus for it.
  • 🥝【Solid protective case KO plastic carrying bag】+ 【Lifetime update】Almost all same price-level obd scanner diagnostic tool only offers plastic bag to hold on the scanner.However, NT604 Elite automotive scanner is equipped with solid protective case, preventing your obd2 scanner from damage. Then you don’t need to pay extra money to buy a solid toolbox.
  • 🍎【Affordable】+【Reliable Car Health Monitor】 Will you be confused what happen when the warning light of abs/srs/transmission/check engine flashes? Instead of taking your cars to dealership, this foxwell scanner will help you do a thorough scanning and detection for your cars and pinpoint the root cause, which saves you time and money. It will t-urn off the warning light car after the problem is fixed.👉TIPS: Airbag crash/collision data can NOT be cleared even you replace the new airbag.
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How do we buy the Code scanner obd2?

Thousands of Code scanner obd2 exist; which one should I choose? It’s a tough choice for any customer to make while he/she is browsing the internet. We have evaluated hundreds of products and services and we know how to find the best product for you.

Read the following sections and learn about some important aspects of the Code scanner obd2 that you need to consider before buying.


All car manufacturers create code systems for each of their cars. While the OBD2 (on board diagnostics) systems are standardized, the codes are unique to each vehicle.

To ensure that your vehicle is covered by the manufacturer warranty, you need to pick a device that covers vehicles from every major domestic automaker. If you own a foreign or specialty vehicle, however, you might have to look for a device that’s made specifically for that type of vehicle.

Vehicle Make

While many OBDII code sets are universal, a good portion are not. In addition to common code sets, every car also has a brand-specific fault code set. The best OBDII readers can read these code sets from most major manufacturers. If you intend to use your OBDII reader with a specific automobile or group of automobiles, make sure it is able to read any relevant error code sets for that particular brand.

Wired Vs. Bluetooth

If you want an OBDII scanner, consider Bluetooth compatibility. Because most OBDII scanners come with cables, they keep you closer to the car than if you were using a wireless device.

You just need a mobile device with Bluetooth capabilities and an app for scanning barcodes.

If you're interested in an "all-in-one" solution that collects data while you're driving, then a high-end OBD2 scanner might be the right choice for you. But, if you want something that lasts longer than just one trip, then there are several models available that have internal battery packs.

Live Data Scanning

Today, most cars have onboard computer systems that let you monitor all of your vehicle's systems at once.

Live Scan is a powerful tool because it helps you monitor your vehicle's performance over time, as well identify any potential issues before they become an actual problem. For example, you could diagnose why your car is not performing as expected.

Data Tracking

A modern scanner can give you a lot of useful information about your car. But unless you know how to read and interpret it, it might be hard for you to understand what it all really means.

So, you'll want to buy a device that lets you view the data in clear, easily readable graphs and charts. You'll also want one that allows you to track this data over time so you can spot trends and use them to your advantage.

Buy Based On The Work

To figure out which OBD2 scan tool you need, consider what kind of work you’d be doing. If you’d just be checking for codes, you might want something that can read them.

If you're interested in scanning your own vehicles, you'll want a scanner that works with both domestic and foreign models and gets regular software upgrades. Sending commands to your vehicle via Bluetooth lets you adjust things like the climate control system and engine performance. Having access to data such as the ABS and malfunction indicators helps you pinpoint problems before they become serious issues.

Remember: More functions and programmability means a higher cost.

Repair Manuals

If you use an OBD2 scanner to determine whether there are any issues with your car, don't assume you know what to do if something goes wrong.

You can use these repair guides and online communities to learn how to diagnose and fix your vehicle without having to pay for expensive repairs.

If you're a hands-on car owner, having access to these guides will be invaluable, and it could save you tons of money by avoiding the mechanics for minor repairs.

Code Reading

We mentioned earlier that the primary function of an OBD2 scan tool is to read and display vehicle trouble codes (or "check points"). Some scanners will just show you the single most recent check point, but others will provide additional information about the problem.

If the size of the display on your car diagnostic tool isn't large enough to show all the codes for each problem, consider upgrading to one with a bigger display.


There are several reliable brands: Foxwell, Innova, Humzor, Blcktec, Bc bosscomm, Tt topdon, Konnwei of this Code scanner obd2 available for you to choose from. We've tried to include some good options so that you don't need to spend hours researching them yourself.


1. What Vehicle Problems Can An OBDII Scanner Detect?

An OBDII scan tool allows you to read your car’s computerized diagnostic trouble codes. You can also learn how to change them yourself if you know what you're doing.

2. Why Would I Want An OBDII Scanner? After All, I Can’t Fix My Car Myself.

Having an OBD II scanner at your house is useful even for people who haven’t any knowledge as a auto technician. By running the scanner you can discover code numbers that provide you with an understanding of what’s incorrect with the automobile. You can also learn whether the automotive service provider is being fair in regards to the offered services. Furthermore, you will know whether the garage is dealing with you fairly concerning suggested fixes.

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