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As subject matter experts, we are sure to present you with a selection of Ev chargers nottingham that were carefully picked from numerous items from these exceptional brands: Eg evgoer, Schumacher, E-polar, Keruida, Ep, Shockflo. Examine it!

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  • ▶Adjustable Current & Charging Schedule ◀Double click to set Amperes (8A 10A 13A 16A) BEFORE the charging connector is plugged into your car. And AFTER connect the car you can also double click to Use the Delay Start Charging Time function. Design to make better save electricity cost for each consumer and mitigate the peak loads.
  • ▶Level 1 / 2 Fast Charging ◀The Keruida electric car charger with NEMA 6-20 Plug and SAE J1772 Connector is compatible with most electric vehicle and plug-in hybrids. PLEASE Note: The EV Charger comes with a replaceable NEMA 5-15 adapter for being used as level 1 EV Charger.
  • ▶Monitoring Charge Status◀LED display screen is helpful to read the real-time charging current, voltage, charging time and more about charging information. Moreover, dynamic LED lights indicator will flash in different colors show charging status and fault prompt.
  • Safe & Secure - This portable charging station is made to last with durability and reliability. It is lightening-proof and has leakage, overvoltage, overheat and overcurrent protection, so you can safely charge your vehicle.
  • Mobile & Wall-mounted EV Charger - Ultra-compact size is super comfortable to be a garage wall-mounted EV charger with a controller bracket and a cable organizer included. The feature of portability spotlights its convenience to carry anywhere when you want to charge your EV.
  • Weatherproof for Outdoor or Indoor Use - Place and move your portable charger anywhere around your home both inside and out.
  • Smart Charging: Use the ShockFlo APP to remotely control charging, monitor and adjust charging current, and schedule charging times during non-peak hours to save money. It also has an RFID card reader for secure charging.
  • Safety and Save Space: The electric car charger protects against lightning, current leakage, grounding, low-voltage, over-voltage, over-charge, over-heat, and over-current. IP65 waterproof rating for safe use in any weather condition.This EV Charger Station great design for using spatial architecture design to charge plugs on the right side,effectively saving space,and it so easy to use and perfect in your garage.
  • Guaranteed Quality and Support: Our service team provides a 3-year warranty and 24/7 customer support. Automatic App updates ensure a hassle-free charging experience.
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What should you consider when choosing to buy Ev chargers nottingham in 2023?

Every company and business when selling products always wants to get their products to as many customers as possible. However, not every product launched has received favor and acceptance from customers. The decision to buy it depends on many factors. 

So what are the basic factors that have the greatest influence on customers' buying decisions? Let's discuss the most important factor to make consumers buy Ev chargers nottingham

Ability To Delay Charging

If you're looking for ways to lower your electric bill, you might be interested in taking advantage ofer off-peak electricity rates. For example, some companies offer discounts if you charge at night when electricity prices are lower. And some cars allow you to control the charging time from within them or through an app.

Cable Management

You need to be able to use an adapter without having to worry about tripping over cables or creating a mess. If you don't have enough room to store the adapters, then you may want to consider purchasing a small storage container.

UL Listed

You should choose an EVSE that's UL or ETL certified, which indicates it meets industry standards for electrical performance and compliance with government regulations. All chargers featured here meet these standards.

Ease Of Plugging/unplugging

We would enjoy to see a high-quality, substantial connector that allows us to easily and effectively connect and also detach from the car's port. A strong and also protected holster is an advantage, and it gives us assurance that the connector will stay safe and sound.

Smart Or Dumb Charging

Most EVs have apps that communicate with the vehicle itself, so there really isn't any need for additional apps.

Hardwired Or A Plug-in Type

The early EVSES were primarily hard wired, meaning they were completely installed. Existing offers are mostly plug in units. We appreciate these because of their mobility and ease of installation. You can still require a specialist electric contractor run a 240 volt line and also set up a suitable electrical socket in your garage or outside area.


If you don't have a garage, look for an EVSE that can withstand inclement weather. (Most producers of EVSEs claim their products are weatherproof.)

Cable Length

The size of the cable has an effect on where you may put the charger and also just how easy it is to access the port on the car. Remember that your subsequent electric vehicle could have a different charging port, so you need to be capable to get there.

Resuming Charging Automatically After A Power Outage

If you reside in an area where there are frequent blackouts, it learns that charging will resume after the blackout ends. It's far better than being shocked when your electric vehicle (EV) isn't fully charged when you're prepared to go for a trip.


If you want to keep your charging station away from walls, avoid using a wide charger or a thick charger that protrudes too far from the outlet. You could use a thin charger instead.


There are so many factors to consider when choosing a keyword for your business, but before you start looking at Ev chargers nottingham or Eg evgoer, Schumacher, E-polar, Keruida, Ep, Shockflo, think about what you need and want. Then, use these lists to help narrow down your choices.


1. What Are The Different Types Of EV Chargers?

Electricity capacity is classified right into three levels. Degree 1 and also Level 2 usage 120-volt AC electric power, which is exactly what your residence is wired for. Degree Three, also referred to as DC quick-charging, is high voltage (400 to 800 volts), DC charging that occurs at an exclusive public EV charge station and costs much quicker. DC quick-chargings cost thousands of bucks to put in, so they're not something you'd certainly install in your house.

2. What's The Difference Between Level 1, Level 2, And Level 3 Charging?

The charging "Level" typically refers to the billing price, where Level 1 is really sluggish (take two times for a complete cost), Level 2 is sufficient for house usage (may take over night), and Degree 3 is the quickest (a half-minute top-ups could contain eighty pct cost). Technically, the distinction is the voltage at which energy enters your car battery. Level one signifies 120 volt, like a regular household electrical socket, along with a ordinary fee of 1.4 kWh. Level two is 240 volt (like a fridge freezer) and, based on the current amperage of the system, can vary from 5.8 to 19.2KW. Degree three is DC quick-charging, which normally takes around 400 or 800V, and the prices can go as much as 350kW.

3. Are All Home EV Chargers The Same?

Home-chargers are similar to a USB cable to recharge your cell phone. They connect the electrical energy in your house to your car, as well as since they're all comparable. However, there are some major differences between them including their output capacity, usually shown in either amperes (e.g., 30A, 50A, 60A, 80A, 100A) or watts (e.g., 5W, 10W, 15W, 20W, 25W, 35W). These relate to the rate at which they could be charged, as well as if they are Wi-Fi connected, which allows credit card checking and management from a mobile app.

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