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We review each Plastic floor mats for cars thoroughly and rate it according to its performance in real-life situations. It goes through rigorous real-world tests to ensure that it works well for most people.

To help us narrow it down, let's look at some products with popular brands below: Car bow store, Discount car care products, Carcarez, Slip-n-grip, Armordillo, Automat, Johndow industries, Au-ve-co products, Houseables, for you. We believe these are worth considering.

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  • Slip-N-Grip product line includes everything from floor mats to service reminder printers whatever you need for vehicle service operations
  • Slip-N-Grip seat covers floor mats and steering wheel covers work beautifully
  • Serving the automotive aftermarket with a variety of vehicle protection products that help exceed customer expectations and keep them coming back
  • NOT MADE IN LABOR CAMPS. 100% Made in USA! Protect car floors and carpet from grime, mud, water and other harmful and costly contaminates.
  • These Protective Plastic Adhesive Floor Mats are extremely durable 4mils thick which make it easy to handle and apply, they will not leave any unwanted residue once removed, they will not slip or disintegrate, they will outperform its competition and are made in the USA.
  • These auto adhesive floor mats are highly recommended for detail shops, car wash facilities, service stations, used car businesses and personal use because of their versatility and durability
  • Includes One Case of 250 Premium Disposable Plastic Coated Paper Floor Mats
  • Universal Fit
  • Premium Protection for Vehicle Carpeting During Maintenance and Detailing
  • Protect customer vehicles during time at the shop
  • Measures 16" X 22"
  • Heavy-Duty paper with Poly Coated Back
  • βœ” LEAVES NO UNWANTED RESIDUE … This auto adhesive paper will leave zero residue on your mats once it is removed. Keep your floor mats clean with no mess after!
  • βœ” KEEP YOUR CAR FLOOR CLEAN … These car mat adhesive products stop your car floor getting damaged or dirty, so you can enjoy the feel of a pristine clean car interior.
  • βœ” ZERO-SLIP DESIGN … You want your adhesive floor mat to stay where it’s supposed to. That’s why our mats feature a no-slip design that keeps each one firmly in place.
  • SET IT AND FORGET IT: Designed to perfectly fit snugly into Tesla Model Y cars, these mats are easy to simply drop into their respective spaces without a second thought and barely any adjustment to get them fitted.
  • HIGH STRENGTH, HIGH QUALITY MATS: Made to meet and exceed the needs of your everyday day commute with quality TPE material. Made completely safe for people as an odorless, non-toxic, BPA-free material that doesn’t create or leave behind any harmless effects for both people and the environment, while remaining flexible, foldable, and scratch resistant for everyday use.
  • MADE TO MAKE A GREAT FIT: Seven-piece mat set designed for the 5 seat Tesla model Ys. Four trunk mats and three seat mats (two front, one long mat for the backseat) are design for maximum floor coverage of Tesla Model Y 2020, 2021, and 2022. From largest to smallest, each mat is 53 x 25 inches, 44.5 x 44 inches, 29.25 x 15.25 inches, 15.5 x 24.75 inches, 30.5 x 23 inches, 33.5 x 23 inches, 34 x 21.5 inches.
  • Please Note Extra Charges May Apply to our Floor mats when shipping to Hawaii or Alaska
  • The mats are 200 feet long, 21 inches wide, and are perforated every 24" for easy tearing.
  • Protective Plastic Adhesive Floor Mats are highly recommended for detail shops, car wash facilities, service stations, used car businesses and personal use because of their versatility and durability. See more product details
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How do we buy the Plastic floor mats for cars?

Thousands of Plastic floor mats for cars exist; which one should I choose? It’s a tough choice for any customer to make while he/she is browsing the internet. We have evaluated hundreds of products and services and we know how to find the best product for you.

Read the following sections and learn about some important aspects of the Plastic floor mats for cars that you need to consider before buying.


Safety is the most important consideration when choosing a vehicle carpet. If a vehicle carpet moves around under your feet and could interfere with the driver’s pedals, then it’s a bad choice.


- Two mats: A two-mats set is good if you're replacing the ones that the children damaged. However, be careful not to accidentally purchase a two-mats set when you actually want four mats.

- Two sets of fours: This is the most commonly used flooring system: two sets of fours for the front and two sets of fours behind them.

- Five mats: A set may come with a large fifth mat that covers the back of a vehicle.

Water Retention

If you want to buy a floor cover to protect your vehicleβ€˜s carpets from debris, consider the level of dirt/debris a particular floor cover can hold before shedding too much moisture onto the vehicleβ€˜s carpet.


If you're sensitive to odors from new materials, you'll probably care about what your vehicle's carpets smell like. Plastic and rubbers floors mats often have stronger odors than carpet mats, but some carpet mats still have a plastic and rubber backings. If you are worried about the chemical smells from new mats, leave them outside for a couple weeks to air them out, or wash them off immediately after purchasing them. These will assist get rid of and dissolve some of the chemical substances that create the smell. Odorless mats are also available and could possibly be your best choice if you can not endure the new mats' smell.

Carpet Vs. Rubber

- Carpet: An inexpensive car rug may not provide much protection against dirt tracked inside from outside. In addition, it is often difficult to keep them clean. Some high quality carpets come with a built-in stain protector, which helps prevent stains from soaking deep into the material.

-Rubbers: Rubbers floors aren’t very stylish, but they're very durable and easy to clean! Universal rubbers also come in various sizes so they can easily be trimmed to fit a specific area. They often have groves and ridges to channel excess moisture away from your shoes and a raised lip to prevent liquid and soil from getting onto the carpet. When cleaning a rug, avoid using a silicone based product because it may make the material slick. Instead, try using a mild soap solution or a simple rinse.


It’s important to consider the longevity of a vehicle’s carpet when buying a new one.

Custom Vs. Universal

- Custom: Custom carpet mats are made to fit specific models of vehicles, with the right size and shape to fit the different types of floors within the car. They come in various sizes, colors, styles and patterns. Some are designed to match the color scheme of the interior of the car, others are simply black or white. Carpet mats are often used to protect the carpeting inside the car, especially if the carpet is new and not yet fully installed.

Some manufacturers call them liner mats, because they're basically just a sheet of material placed under your car's floor mat. They can help keep water off your carpets if you spill something on the floor. But they aren't really meant to prevent liquid from getting into the carpet itself.

- Universal: Universal floor mats can be used to protect any type of vehicle flooring, so they're not just designed to fit one particular make or model. They come without connectors, so if you buy them online, you'll have to find a way to secure them yourself. You may also see universal mats with rubber nubbed backs, which help the mats stay put.

These mats should ideally match the size of your car’s interior, but they may not exactly do so. Most universal mats are trimmable so you can improve the fitting. To ensure an optimal fitting, measure the area precisely before cutting. Improperly cut mats won’t offer protection, or they might bunch up and cause a trip hazard.


Before deciding on where to buy your car mats, you'll want to consider what kind of surface they're made from. Are you looking for something that matches the style of your vehicle? Or do you want something that stands out in a crowd? Will you be driving through mud, sand, gravel, or snow? What about if you drive through water? Some types of mats are better suited for certain surfaces than others.


There are several reliable brands: Car bow store, Discount car care products, Carcarez, Slip-n-grip, Armordillo, Automat, Johndow industries, Au-ve-co products, Houseables, of this Plastic floor mats for cars available for you to choose from. We've tried to include some good options so that you don't need to spend hours researching them yourself.


1. What Is The Difference Between A Basic And A Premium Car Floor Mat?

Basic or budget vehicle floor liners are likely similar to the liners that shipped with your vehicle when it was new. These liners are typically thin and usually constructed of rubber. A premium vehicle floor liner has a thick rubber bottom and a nicely finished edge that prevents liquid spills from reaching the floor. Some premium liners have a thick carpet pile covering the rubber bottom. Premium vehicle floor liners may also have raised edges that keep liquids off the floor.

2. Do I Really Need Car Floor Mats?

Having carpets in your vehicles make cleaning the cars much easier. Rather than having to try to scrub out the stains, you can just pull off the mats and wash them. This allows you to maintain the appearance of your automobile without having to worry about getting the carpet dirty. Custom made carpets can actually look better than the original interior of the auto, so they may help to improve the resale price of your ride. Floor mats also come in various designs, so you may choose one that matches the style of your interior.

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