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Erin McCarthy By, Erin McCarthy
  • 👍【2023 Best Advanced Hareware + Full OBD2 Functions】LAUNCH scanner for car is equipped with ➤5-inch LCD touchscreen (a bigger, brighter Screen, let you “deep dive” into Tons of live data PIDs.), ➤6100mAh built-in rechargeable battery (longer battery life, longer running and standby time),and ➤32 GB storage capacity. Driven by 4-core 1.5 GHz processor, ➤Android O.S 7.0, to let you diagnose vehicles successfully in seconds. This obd2 scanner is compatible with OBDII, EOBD and JOBD protocols.
  • 👍【All System Diagnostic Tool for 10000+ Car Models】LAUNCH Scanner diagnostic scanner allows you to diagnose on all available vehicle modules including: Engine, Transmission, Airbag, ABS, ESP, TPMS, IMMO, Gateway, Steering, Radio, etc. to pinpoint the issue by reading codes, real-time live data and ECU info, to resolve the problem by clearing codes. It works on 45+ mainstream car brands and 10000+ car models. *LAUNCH will weekly update the vehicle software list.
  • 🎁【Free TPMS Activation Tool】Just click "Extra Savings" under price and add both to your cart to get a FREE TPMS Activation Tool which works for GM cars.👍We are proud to tell that LAUNCH CRP TOUCH PRO ELITE scan tool has been recommended as the "Best Overall OBD2 scanner" by Amazon editors, and also highly recommended by YouTube machinists. 2 Years Free WiFi Upgrade. 5 Years Warranty. Any problem, please reach us via 📩 launch-aftersales @ outlook. com.
  • 【0-Risk Purchase with Reliable Seller】Dear Customer, we provide After Sales Service with 1-year warranty, available 30-days return & replacement policy, and 24/7 thoughtful support. If you encounter any issues such as registration, vehicle compatibility, or any other difficulties about KINGBOLEN K8 car computer diagnostic tool, please don't hesitate to contact us. Most technical questions can be solved through Our professional tech support team.✔️Online Feedback and Teamview function allows our engineers to more accurately analyze and solve the problems you are experiencing. Need any help? Please contact us via ✅ [email protected] ✅ to get fast answer.
  • 📢📢📢【Warm Tips】The FCA AUTOAUTH feature is currently under maintenance. FCA vehicle owners who wish to make a purchase please buy an additional adapter cable to bypass the security gateway. This reminder only applies to FCA vehicles (Chrysler Jeep Dodge Fiat, etc.).
  • 【OE-Level All Systems Scanner For Car】Upgrade your car diagnostics with the advanced KINGBOLEN K8 professional scan tool. Provides the convenience of Auto VIN & Camera Scan VIN, K8 allowing for easy access and diagnosis of all available modules on a wide range of vehicles. For PCM, ECM, BCM, TPMS, SAS, Fuel System, etc, our scanner can easily read/clear codes, view live data, freeze frame, perform active tests, and read ECU info. With just one click, you can scan all ECUs and 12-in-1 data stream graphics make data viewing more intuitive.✔️Diagnostic reports can be shared via Bluetooth or email.✔️Built-in Browser and Fault Code Library allows you directly query the fault code when diagnosing.
  • 👍【AutoVin Scanner & Battery Voltage Display】Once CRE200 Scanner and the vehicle are properly connected, the scanner will display battery real-time voltage, and the system starts auto-detect process. Diagnostic report will be automatically generated after the process is successfully finished. If Auto-Detect failure occurs, manual diagnosis is also available. Diagnosis functions include: Version Information, Read DTCs, Clear DTCs and Read Data Stream(Supports 3 display modes: Value/Graph/Merged)
  • 📋【Diagnostic History & Diagnostic Feedback & Email Function】For Launch Creader Elite 200 Car Scanner, Diagnostic History provides quick access to the tested vehicles and users can choose to view the test report or resume from the last operation, without starting from scratch. Diagnostic Feedback can submit the vehicle issue to us for analysis and troubleshooting. With Launch CRE200, you can email the diagnostic report or screenshot to anyone you want.
  • 🚗【ABS/SRS/ENG/TCM Systems Diagnostic】【Good News!】Launch Creader Elite 200 OBD2 newest update 2 systems diagnose into 4 systems, just Update software on scanner and you will get a scanner tool same as Launch CRP123. CRE200 scanner supports all 10 test modes of OBDII test, including live data, On-Board monitor test, freeze frame data, view readiness status, O2 Monitor/Component Test, etc. CRE200 code reader can also perform comprehensive diagnosis on Airbag, SRS, Transmission,Engine 4 systems for 10000+ vehicles. This pro car diagnostic scanner can read/clear DTC codes and turns off Airbag, Engine warning lights.
  • 👍【4 SYSTEMS DIAGNOSIS + AUTOMATIC AUTOVIN SCAN】This car scanner carries out essential diagnoses that any mechanics and car owners can rely on. It includes the ABS/SRS/Engine/Transmission diagnostics to troubleshoot underlying safety issues for 90 car manufacturers; this obd2 scanner shows quick and accurate vehicle identification via auto VIN scan, helping you pinpoint the cause issue by reading codes, freeze frame and real-time live data.
  • 📞If you have any questions, you can also call us directly during normal business hours: US phone service 👉833-956-8335👈 Monday-Friday 9:00AM-6PM Eastern Time.
  • 👍【2022 UPGRADED CAR SCANNER WITH 5 RESET SERVICES】Comprehensive, accurate, and fast. Much more than a basic OBD2 code reader’s capability. 🤙The large 5” color screen presents quality results quickly and straightforwardly. This TOPDON 2022 newly-released diagnostic tool is equipped with 5 common used reset functions including oil reset, BMS reset, ABS bleeding, DPF reset, throttle adaptation. **The function list is related to vehicle’s make, model, and year.
  • 【100% Satisfaction Permanent Service】This original BC IF745 OBD2 scanner diagnostic tool is supported by BossComm official after-sales service. Free Lifetime WIFI Upgrade, 2 Year Warranty, 30 Days Return & Exchange, 24/7 Thoughtful Customer Support. BossComm's primary goal is to produce better diagnostic scanner. Your 100% satisfaction is our primary responsibility!
  • 【 Auto VIN Scan+ Wide Compatibility】Support Auto VIN & Auto Scan technology. Cars scanner can quickly scan the vehicle identification number. The BC IF745 odb2 scanner help you shorten diagnosis time and solve problems accurately. Now available for 90+ car makes, 10,000+ models (And continuously updated), including full OBD2 testing for any emissions-related issues on most 1996 and newer 12V cars, SUVs, light trucks/hybrids. All OBD2 test modes for OBD2, EOBD, JOBD, CAN 1996 and newer cars.
  • 【Specially Designed 7 " Extra Large Screen】(Non-touch screen) The 7 " extra large screen OBD2 scanner diagnostic tool. Make your reading easier and more comfortable. Free your eyes from the cramped 4.3-inch or 5-inch display of diagnostic scanner. The BC IF745 car code reader with the more simplified key operation on the right. Save the player from touching the screen with greasy hands. Always keep the screen clear. Sturdy but ergonomic handle makes for more comfortable and secure grip.
  • 🚙【AUTO SCAN & AUTOVIN, USER-FRIENDLY】If you are worry about complex operation, MaxiCOM MK808BT PRO can avoid the trouble for you. AutoVIN technology allow MK808BT Pro to identity your vehicle’s make, model, and year information with one click. More convenient is AutoScan that can automatically scan all vehicle’s ECUs at one touch and find out fault codes. 🚦📢👉Note: AutoVIN does NOT work on all vehicles, depends on whether VIN is programmed to car ECU or not. Always support VIN manually input.
  • 👍【2023 ENHANCED 28+ SERVICE FUNCTIONS, EVERTHING FOR YOU】How much did you spend on maintaining cars? In fact, experience tells us that just a small repair service may cost a lot. So Autel MK808BT PRO are actively reducing the unnecessary expense by integrating 28+ services, meeting most of maintenance needs, such as Oil/ EPB/ SAS/ BMS/ABS Bleed/ IMMO (basic)/ Injector, etc.‼ Note: Services vary by vehicles, please send VIN to 📞auteldirect @ outlook . com📞 to check compatibility before order‼
  • 🚙【EXTENSIVE VEHICLE COVERAGE】The wider vehicle coverage, the more valuable this diagnostic tool is. Autel MK808BT Pro serves more than 80 worldwide vehicle makes, like US, Asian, European, etc., covering vehicles vary from 1996 up to 2022, 2023. With Autel continuous updates, more year/ models/ functions will be covered. 🚦📢👉MK808BT Pro can NOT perform TPMS service on any cars. IMMO part support basic functions only.
  • 👍👍【Bidirection Control+Full Systems Diagnostic】Launch X431 Pro3S+ scanner can perform OE-level diagnosis on all available systems: ECM, TCM, ABS, SRS, BCM, BMS, TPMS, and A/C system, etc. which will read / erase codes, view live data, retrieve ECU version information, do active test and service functions.Bi-directional control can let cars send commands to many systems/components to test their working status, without using the vehicle controls. Like turn on the radiator fan, modulate the throttle, open/close windows, operate mirrors, etc.
  • 👍👍【Support Wifi Printer/ Videoscope/ TSGUN/ X431 PROG3/ ADAS Moblie】In 2023, LAUNCH X431 PRO3S+ has been upgraded to support extended modules, to give your car more comprehensive inspections. ✔️Videoscope (Check unseen parts of engine, fuel tank system, etc) ✔️X431 TSGUN(activate all sensors, tpms relearn, the program only Launch Sensors); ✔️X431 PROG3(VAG Group Above 3.5 IMMO); ✔️X431 Printer (Print out diagnostic data/ reports) ✔️X431 ADAS Moblie/ADAS PRO.
  • 👍👍【Topology Map+Premium Configuration+OBDI&OBDII Connectors and Cables 】LAUNCH X431 PRO3S+ scanner new added topology map which is easy to view the communication structure between modules, access all system to perform functions,view live data in graph. With 9.0 Android-based with large 10.1 HD IPS(1920 * 1200), 7000mAh rechargeable battery(up to 20+ hours battery), 2.4GHz&5GHz dual-band Wi-Fi, the transmission rate is 4 times faster than the old version. 32G ROM +128G expandable storage to save more vehicle documents and customer data. CPU processor updated from 1.4GHz to 1.8GHz eight-core to perform diagnostics quickly and efficiently.
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What Snap on scanners for sale should you use?

A lot of the Snap on scanners for sale are available in the marketplace, so which one will work best for your requirements? It is a tough query for all consumers when buying. By analyzing, assessing, and testing thousands of items, our group has found the entire manual for everybody to purchase the Snap on scanners for sale.

Read the following sections to learn more about the Snap on scanners for sale and understand its importance.

Live Data Scanning

Today, most cars have onboard computer systems that let you monitor all of your vehicle's systems at once.

Live Scan is a powerful tool because it helps you monitor your vehicle's performance over time, as well identify any potential issues before they become an actual problem. For example, you could diagnose why your car is not performing as expected.


All car manufacturers create code systems for each of their cars. While the OBD2 (on board diagnostics) systems are standardized, the codes are unique to each vehicle.

To ensure that your vehicle is covered by the manufacturer warranty, you need to pick a device that covers vehicles from every major domestic automaker. If you own a foreign or specialty vehicle, however, you might have to look for a device that’s made specifically for that type of vehicle.

Code Reading

We mentioned earlier that the primary function of an OBD2 scan tool is to read and display vehicle trouble codes (or "check points"). Some scanners will just show you the single most recent check point, but others will provide additional information about the problem.

If the size of the display on your car diagnostic tool isn't large enough to show all the codes for each problem, consider upgrading to one with a bigger display.

Repair Manuals

If you use an OBD2 scanner to determine whether there are any issues with your car, don't assume you know what to do if something goes wrong.

You can use these repair guides and online communities to learn how to diagnose and fix your vehicle without having to pay for expensive repairs.

If you're a hands-on car owner, having access to these guides will be invaluable, and it could save you tons of money by avoiding the mechanics for minor repairs.

Data Tracking

A modern scanner can give you a lot of useful information about your car. But unless you know how to read and interpret it, it might be hard for you to understand what it all really means.

So, you'll want to buy a device that lets you view the data in clear, easily readable graphs and charts. You'll also want one that allows you to track this data over time so you can spot trends and use them to your advantage.

Wired Vs. Bluetooth

If you want an OBDII scanner, consider Bluetooth compatibility. Because most OBDII scanners come with cables, they keep you closer to the car than if you were using a wireless device.

You just need a mobile device with Bluetooth capabilities and an app for scanning barcodes.

If you're interested in an "all-in-one" solution that collects data while you're driving, then a high-end OBD2 scanner might be the right choice for you. But, if you want something that lasts longer than just one trip, then there are several models available that have internal battery packs.

Buy Based On The Work

To figure out which OBD2 scan tool you need, consider what kind of work you’d be doing. If you’d just be checking for codes, you might want something that can read them.

If you're interested in scanning your own vehicles, you'll want a scanner that works with both domestic and foreign models and gets regular software upgrades. Sending commands to your vehicle via Bluetooth lets you adjust things like the climate control system and engine performance. Having access to data such as the ABS and malfunction indicators helps you pinpoint problems before they become serious issues.

Remember: More functions and programmability means a higher cost.

Vehicle Make

While many OBDII code sets are universal, a good portion are not. In addition to common code sets, every car also has a brand-specific fault code set. The best OBDII readers can read these code sets from most major manufacturers. If you intend to use your OBDII reader with a specific automobile or group of automobiles, make sure it is able to read any relevant error code sets for that particular brand.

Final Thoughts

Besides the guide mentioned above, we've included some reputable brand names of this Snap on scanners for sale for you to choose from, including: Autel, Otc, Launch, Kingbolen, Topdon, Bc bosscomm. We believe that these brand names, along with the instructions provided, will help you pick the best one.


1. What Vehicle Problems Can An OBDII Scanner Detect?

An OBDII scan tool allows you to read your car’s computerized diagnostic trouble codes. You can also learn how to change them yourself if you know what you're doing.

2. Why Would I Want An OBDII Scanner? After All, I Can’t Fix My Car Myself.

Having an OBD II scanner at your house is useful even for people who haven’t any knowledge as a auto technician. By running the scanner you can discover code numbers that provide you with an understanding of what’s incorrect with the automobile. You can also learn whether the automotive service provider is being fair in regards to the offered services. Furthermore, you will know whether the garage is dealing with you fairly concerning suggested fixes.

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Erin McCarthy By, Erin McCarthy