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Audra North By, Audra North
  • 【Retain Original Function】 Retained more of the original car functions than any other brand. Including audio system unit, SYNC1, most of the features of SYNC2/3, such as auto-parking assistance, auto HVAC & wheel from factory remote start, compass, USB Port, touch tone, rear camera, front camera, massaging seat controls, ambient lighting controls, Steering Wheel Control, full function of air conditioning, etc.
  • 【Added Features】 Voice control, wireless CarPlay, 4G&WIFI&hotspot, Automatic front camera, remember the off state (Auto Start/Stop), split screen, door status stereo display, fast boot, double DSP, BT5.0 phone & w/APTX Loss Less Music, GPS navigation, phonelink, AM/FM, online/offline music and video play, steering wheel controls, online/offline maps, download APP, etc.
  • 【Intimate After-sales Service】 Detailed installation videos and paper wiring diagrams. 7×24 hours after-sales service engineers provide real-time technical support. 30 Days Money Back Guarantee & 1-Year Product Warranty, excluding shipping costs. Our after-sales service center in California. please feel free to contact us if you encounter any problems during the installation.
  • 🚙【More Function】Input:USB (dual)/External Microphone(not include)/Rear View Camera(not included)/Driving Recorder (not included).Video/Audio Output:4x45W audio output/RCA video output.Equalizer settings for various sound effects and music styles;Built-in logos for almost all cars as start logos;Steering wheel control/Phone link (not compatible with Samsung)
  • 🚙【double din car stereo Compatible with wireless Carplay double din&Android Auto】This touch screen car stereo with car play radio car stereo(via Bluetooth or USB cable)and wired Android Auto double din stereo(via USB Cable)features just connect with your smartphone that make it possible for you to access map navigation,phone contacts,notification,music and more while you stay focused on the road.
  • 🚙【More Function】Input:USB (dual)/External Microphone(not include)/Rear View Camera(not included)/Driving Recorder (not included).Video/Audio Output:4x45W audio output/RCA video output.Equalizer settings for various sound effects and music styles;Built-in logos for almost all cars as start logos;Steering wheel control/Phone link (not compatible with Samsung)
  • The stereo supports to download most video and music APPs from the google play store, it is easy for you to watch movies or enjoy your musics online or from USB flash disk, it supports steering wheel controls.
  • It is time to replace it with a smart device to bring more brilliance to your car. Based on the Android platform, users can download any applications in his favorite. The device has a powerful Quad Core CPU with 1GB DDR3 and 16GB NAND memory flash to save the downloaded entertainment files. lexxson Team will offer the best support for you, 24/7 customer service support.
  • WiFi receiption & built in microphone have been significantly improved. The reception of LEXXSON WiFi can be comparable to some phones! Drivers do not have to yell to the car stereo to talk with the other one! WIRELESS:Answer,Off phone cell,play bluetooth music,download phone book on your head unit,SUPPORT FM/AM/RADIO/Rear AV input ECT.
  • 【Rear camera & SWC】: Support AHD high-definition camera image input, after connected it, when you pull the reverse gear, the device will show rear view image automatically. you can switch between CVBS and AHD simply by choosing in the settings(requires optional). And the driving recorder can SWC, you can control the functions you need by steering wheel.Car original steering wheel remote control button programme supported, more convenient to control car radio when you are driving
  • 【Built-in GPS Navigation & Built-in WIFI】: Users can purchase directly from play store for offline navigation. With Wi-Fi connected, online maps are available and you can go anywhere you want and never get lost again
  • 【Android 11 Car Radio for Mazda 3】: TIPS:If your car comes with BOSE or SONY and other audio equipment, it may be incompatible.The car radio perfect fit for Mazda 3 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013. With 2RAM 32ROM Android 11 system, you can enjoy a smooth and responsive user experience
  • 【Steering Wheel Control &AHD Rear View Camera】: The car radio supports the car steering wheel to remote control the radio panel, including switching songs, switching channels, adjusting volume, answering calls, etc., you can easily complete the operation while driving. Equipped with an AHD rear view camera with a waterproof design, Excellent night vision and 170° ultra-wide field of view. When reversing, the AHD camera reversing image will be automatically displayed on the touch screen.
  • 【Android 11 Car Radio for Ford Escape&Mazda Tribute】: TIPS:If your car comes with BOSE or SONY and other audio equipment, it may be incompatible.Car radio is perfect for your Ford Escape 2008-2012/Mazda Tribute 2008-2012.Car radio equipped with the latest android 11 system, 4 core CPU,2GB RAM + 32GB ROM, running smoothly in colleges and universities. 9-inch screen with 178° full viewing angle, screen size 228mm*218mm*130mm, enjoy high-definition colorful pictures.
  • 【Compatible with Apple Carplay & Android Auto】: This car stereo supports CarPlay/Android Auto function. Just connect via USB or Bluetooth, you can project the contents of your phone to the large screen of the host, and you can share your favorite 1080P videos, high-definition pictures, etc. Easily access your phone to make calls, navigate, play music or manage other apps via Siri/Google controls.
  • 🚙Support Front/Rear View Camera & External Devices Input - This Touch Screen Car Stereo supports front view and backup camera input, packaged an AHD backup camera with waterproof design, superb night vision and 170°ultra-wide view. The head unit automatically displays a clear image when reversing, and will make parking easier and safer. Touch Screen Radio support USB/AUX-in/RCA port for various audio/video format playback.
  • 🚙Single Din CarPlay Dimensions - This Detachable Car Audio is true single din size and suit most vehicles single din and double din dash openings. Installation size: 7"(W)x2"(H); Panel size: 9.3"(W)x5.6"(H). Please make sure the mounting location fits the size of the android car stereo before ordering. We will provide 1-year warranty, and please contact us if you have any issues about the 9 inch touch screen stereo system.
  • 🚙9 inch Floating Head Unit Android Single Din - The Single Din Car Stereo has a 9" extra large detachable display which is a 1280x720 QLED Touch Screen with more vivid and real color. You can easily rotate and tilt the Car Radio Touchscreen for your perspectives vision with a maximum of 30° in each direction. Cause the Single Din Car Stereo Touchscreen is detachable, you can easily take the floating Face of the Touch Screen Car Stereo to home anytime like a beloved toy.
  • 🚙【Newest Android 11 Car Radio 】 With powerful Android 11 system, you can enjoy a smooth and responsive user experience. Giant 10.1 inch display provides you true-to-life color, With its responsive touch-button design, you can enjoy a precise fingertip control experience
  • 🚙【Car Radio with Bluetooth and FM/RDS】You can have phone calls without distractions via bluetooth .Our touchscreen radio has built-in clear mic, Bluetooth audio stream that allows you to enjoy a superior music listening experience.FM radio with 18 preset station can let you listen to your favorite programs at any time.
  • 🚙【HiFi & EQ Settings】Get the ultimate sound experience with our car stereo's HiFi and EQ settings. With subwoofer output and a 15-band graphic equalizer, you can customize your sound to your liking. Choose from pre-set options like Pop, Rock, Jazz, Classical, Flat, User, Voice, and Sound Delay.
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Before shopping for the Sony touch screen radio, there are several things you need to think about.

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Camera Connectivity

A rear back up camera is definitely worth its weight in gold. We're not sure how anyone could parallel park without them. If your car already has a back up camera, make sure your car radio can play some music so you don't have to listen to the sound of metal scraping against concrete when you reverse into a parking spot.

Manufacturer Smartphone Apps

Most stereo manufacturers, such as Kenwood, Pioneer, and Alpine have created their own proprietary apps so that you can use your smartphone for controlling your stereo. These apps can be a lot easier than the stereo’s internal controls.

Steering Wheel Controls Support

Most newer vehicles offer an integrated radio system. This means that the head unit controls the entire sound experience, including the speakers and subwoofer. You can choose between AM/FM, CD, USB, Bluetooth, satellite radio, or Pandora streaming music services. Some systems allow you to plug in any auxiliary input device such as a digital camera, iPod, smartphone, or tablet. And if you're not satisfied with what comes out of the built-in speaker, you can add external speakers to create surround sound.

Value-added Features

If you drive a ton of miles, you might want a vehicle stereo system that offers more than just auxiliary or digital audio. Some extra features you might consider including in your purchase would be built-in GPS, remote control capabilities, additional power output for better audio quality, Bluetooth capability so you can stream music wirelessly from your smartphone, HD tuner technology for enhanced broadcast signal reception, CD/DVD player functionality, and HDMI input and output ports for hooking up an external display device. The last two features could prove useful if you're planning on taking a lengthy road journey and need to keep kids occupied.

Bluetooth Support

Whether it’ s for the convenience of having a hands-free call or just the luxury of listening to your phone’s tunes through your vehicle’s speakers, Bluetooth is a must-have feature.

Stereo Interface

When considering the best car audio system, you'll probably find yourself asking questions such as "What kind of sound quality do I really need?" "How much does my budget allow me to spend?" "Do I care about style and design?" These are important considerations because they affect how you choose your car stereo. You may not realize it, but there are actually two types of car stereos: one for music lovers, and another for audiophiles.

Screen Size & Display

Screen resolution is one of those things that you really only notice once you've got a monitor bigger than 15 inches. At that point, you're probably used to having multiple windows open side-by-side, and you might not think twice about how small your laptop's screen is anymore. But if you're buying a new computer, you should definitely consider what kind of monitor you'll want to buy. A 1080p (1,920x1,080) monitor is pretty much the minimum you'd ever need; anything lower just won't give you enough pixels to work comfortably. You can get monitors with higher resolutions, too, but they'll cost you extra money.


If you're an average car stereo buyer, then the standard amp and speakers that came with your vehicle's factory system are more than enough for you because this type of shoppe is just trying to improve his/her stereo receiver.

But if you're a serious audiophile, then you'll need to confirm what kind of power your new loudspeakers are capable of handling. That means checking out the RMS (a number that describes how much continuous power your new set of loudspeakers can take). You also need to make sure that the RMS rating for your planned vehicle's existing audio systems matches the RMS rating of the new ones you're planning to install.

Compatibility (single-DIN Vs Doulbe-DIN)

You can find out if an aftermarket receiver fits into your vehicle by checking its specifications online. You may also ask your dealer about compatibility. In addition, you can get information about the manufacturer of the receiver by contacting them directly.


Installing a car audio system isn't nearly as simple as replacing a subwoofer or adding an external amp. You need to remove the existing system from its housing, ensure that everything is working correctly, and then install the new one.

If you don't know anything about installing stereos, it's probably best to leave it up to a pro. Stereo install costs vary widely, but they usually run between $50 and $200. You can expect to pay at least half of that for labor alone.


We hope the shopping advice above will help you locate the right products for your requirements. When buying, remember to check out quality brands like Yulu, Atoto, Maxpeedingrods, Binize, Lexxson, Amprime, Leroaadz, Hikity.


1. What Are The Differences Between Resistive Touchscreens And Capacitive Touchscreens?

Yes, with a 3rd party dashboard. It’ s fairly common for vehicle dashboards to be designed with custom shaped panels and for their stock stereos, but fortunately, it’s simple to find an aftermarket unit that includes a generic port so you can connect it to your vehicle’s original radio. Integrating your new audio system into the appearance of your vehicle’s dashboard can take some time and effort, and may require hiring a pro to install it properly.

2. My Car Has A Unique Dashboard. Can I Still Install An Aftermarket Car Stereo?

Yes, with a 3rd-parti­dash­board. It’s quite com­mon for cars to be desig­nated in cus­tom shapes and for their stoc­k stereos, but, luckily, it’s eas­y to find a re­place­ment for most cars that in­cludes a gen­er­ic port for a din or dou­ble din aftermarkets stereo unit. Get­ting your new stereo to integrate se­amlessly with the exis­tence of your ca­re’s dash­board can be a chal­lenge and is proba­bly a good reas­on to hir­e a pro­fes­sion­al for instal­la­tion.

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