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  • Customer Focus - We are focused on our customers for our GPS Trackers and GPS Tracking Service, whether you are a large company with a large fleet or an individual consumer with 1 device. We have you in mind while creating our systems and products. We will do our best to fully satisfy your needs and expectations.
  • Our Magnetic GPS Tracking Device and Fleet Tracking Service work worldwide! Over 140 countries are included in our standard service!
  • Automated Alerts - Receive an e-mail whenever your driver leaves a designated area, speeds, when the vehicle tracking device starts to move, etc… Generate Reports so you can see trips taken, speed, stops, and more.
  • SIMPLE INSTALLATION: The Yabby3 4G/5G mini GPS tracker is wire-free and easy to hide and secure. Set-up is a breeze and you’ll be tracking your car, trailer, jet-ski, or motorcycle within minutes.
  • 2-YEAR WARRANTY: Enjoy a 2-year warranty and a no-contract subscription service with the Yabby3 GPS tracker. Try a free month and then continue for just $14.95 per month or $149 per year.
  • UNBEATABLE BATTERY LIFE: With just 3 AAA batteries (included) this GPS device tracker for vehicles is able to run for up to 10 years at 1 location update per day, reducing maintenance and cost. Enjoy peace of mind that your car, trailer, equipment, and other assets are always safe.
  • No Activation Fees - No Hidden Fees - No Return Fees - Cancel Anytime
  • 15-Second Trip Auto-Refresh
  • Accident Notifications
  • 🚚Anti-theft Product: GPS Tracker-TK905 with 5 Strong magnets can be mounted very easily. It's also suitable to put it in the car. Built-in 3.7V 5000mAh lithium-ion battery, which can standby for up to 60 days. It will be helpful to locate cars for a long time.
  • ⏰Multiple modes: Set the vibration, speed alarm, sleep mode and so on. Use GPS Tracker-905 to connect the APP and Website. Set a geo-fence for it to limit its movement within the area. It can also Keep its 180 days historical route.
  • 🚙Real time Tracking: GPS Tracker-TK905 is a locator that works based on existing 4G LTE network and GPS satellites, we can remotely locate the device through SMS, mobile APP and web tracking software in real time.
  • Advanced Anti-Theft Car Solution with Unlimited Geofences - YoGPS car tracker device and mobile app leverage innovative GPS and cellular technology to keep track of your asset’s location in real-time. Define virtual safe areas on the app and receive instant notifications and location when your asset enters/exits this virtual perimeter.
  • How to Use It & Where- Our vehicle tracker is pre-configured and easy to use. No installation needed. Charge the GPS tracker for 8 hours, place it in your car and sign up via the YoGPS app to start tracking. Use our tracking device for cars, equipment, RVs, motorcycles, trucks, bikes & boats!
  • Long Battery Life: Full battery (8 hours charge) can last 3-5 weeks depending on frequency of location updates and driving time (1-2 hours per day).
  • VEHICLE TRACKER WITH TAMPER ALERT - Keep track of your assets with confidence by using our trackers. This portable car GPS tracker has a tamper light sensor. So, you’ll know immediately if this tracking device for cars has been removed or detached.
  • Plan Starting at $17.99/month - No Contracts, No Fee's, Cancel Any Time Service Includes access to a Free GPS Tracking App, Cloud Hosted Web Application (accessible from any web browser), Data Plan, and up to 13 months of Data Storage.
  • OPTIMIZED LOCATION TRACKER - Keep an eye on your vehicles and assets with GNV-10K tracker device for vehicles. Our tracker device works with multiple positioning systems for accurate location display on the cloud platform. It runs on 4G/LTE for quick real-time updates.
  • INSIGHTS MADE SIMPLE—JUST PLUG & PLAY: Unlike traditional OBD2 tech, Kayo requires no special hardware or setup. Just download the smartphone app, scan the code, plug it in, and now you're ready to start GPS tracking.
  • HELPS SAVE YOU TIME & MONEY WITH INSTANT INSIGHTS: No more costly downtime. Kayo gives you actionable insights about your vehicles and crew so you can plan, manage better, and grow your business.
  • COMPATIBLE WITH YOUR VEHICLES: Kayo's GPS tracker works with gasoline and diesel powered vehicles 1996 and newer (Ford, Chevrolet, GMC, Dodge, Toyota, Honda, etc). USA COVERAGE ONLY.
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Several Features to Concern about Tiny tracking device Before Making Final Decision

Online purchasing may appear straightforward, but finding the most significant possible conclusion will prove difficult. So, we are here to support you with your Tiny tracking device shopping experience, even day or night time.

Countless products are currently available both on the online and real market. Suppose the options mentioned in our category are unsuitable for you. Don't worry about it! Using our shopping advice, you may select the best one for yourself.


When choosing a tracker, there are two main factors to think about: how much money you're willing to invest, and whether or not you plan on storing your vehicle's location in the clouds. Most people choose between tracking devices that cost around $25-$100, however if you're planning on storing your vehicle's position in the clouds, then you might find yourself spending more.


The question of battery life vs. connectivity really depends on which type of device you're using. For example, if you use a GPS tracker, then you might not care too much about having to charge your device every day. However, if you use an automotive general practice tracker, then you may need to think about whether you'd prefer to worry about recharging or replacement batteries.

Plug-in GPS

The OBD II ports are located under the dash of your car or truck. You should find them on the driver's side door panel. On older vehicles, they may be found on the passenger side door panel. In either case, they are typically connected to an electronic control unit (ECU). This ECU communicates with the engine computer system, and also monitors various aspects of your automobile or truck’s performance. Most modern cars and trucks come equipped with a number of sensors that monitor things such as tire pressure, oil temperature, fuel level, coolant temperature, battery charge, emissions, and much more. Modern day cars and trucks also contain computers that gather information about how the vehicle drives and responds to conditions. Some of this information is stored inside the ECU, while other information is sent to a central server via a cellular connection. This information can then be accessed through a mobile device.

Special Features

So long as you're just looking for a simple way to track your car's location, then you don't need anything too fancy. But if you're after something more advanced, then there are plenty of choices out there.

Portable GPS

These are the most versatile. They don't have any requirement to be set up in the car, they simply have to be within it. In reality, they may as easily stay in a pocket or purse as they might be utilized for tracking a person. They can additionally be kept in a plan to follow shipping. They could likewise be kept in a magnetized spot on the vehicle or put in a magnetic container on the body. The one thing you should watch out for is battery life. One week approximately between charges is frequent, however they can vary considerably. Some tracker units notify you once the battery is low, which is a very useful feature on these.

Portable, Plug-in, Or Hardwired

They're usually broken down into three categories: portable, plug-ins, and wired.

Hardwired GPS

These are a permanent choice, linked to the inner workings of the vehicle. It helps keep them hard to find and really tough to eliminate quickly. They’re particularly useful for motorbikes along with older automobiles that do not possess diagnostic tools. While present day bikes have similar check out units as autos and trucks, they don't utilize the conventional OBD-II socket.


The market for the Tiny tracking device with popular brands below: Angelsense, Brickhouse security, Jiobit, Global-view.net, Lonestar tracking, Bouncie, Tkmars, Yogps, Gpsnvision, Kayo is a highly competitive market. In this post, we extensively shared our experience of choosing Tiny tracking device with you, as long as the brands that we trust. There are good products and wrong products that make it hard for you to choose. We are simply a website dedicated to product information. Our team does not provide or sell any goods, and our job is to only recommend the best items on the market right now.

There will be a separate return policy for each service, product, and brand. Kindly contact them if you discover that your item is incompatible or has any mistakes.


1. Can I Get Cheaper Insurance If I Install A Vehicle GPS Tracker?

You can certainly do so. You may perhaps should consult with your insurance company. It could possibly specify the sort of or even a device (usually the OBD-II port plug-in kind). In any case, we've discovered discounts of 20% or much more being used in lots of circumstances. The compromise is that you simply share every one of your car info along with your insurance provider at each and every moment.

2. Are Vehicle GPS Trackers Legal?

They do not produce a signal similar to a radar jamming device, thus causing no disturbances or limitations on their actual use. They are completely legal in every type of vehicle you possess, whether it is an individual or business car (if you operate a fleet of cars or vans, for example). It's illegal to follow someone else's car without his consent. In accordance with the exact same regulation, police cannot follow a vehicle without the owner's permission unless they get a warrant.

3. Is A GPS Tracker Easy To Install?

A number of mobile design do not require to be setup, as such, they may be positioned wherever convenient or put into a magnetic container and also connected to the body (preferably in a concealed place). The OBD-2 kind just hook up in. Wired car GPS units could be a little much more complex. Most manufacturers claim they take in between thirty mins and an hour to install. Naturally, if you aren't comfy working with your vehicle's electronic items, it's far better to contact a professional.

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